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Abuse and complex trauma

“I know what is causing my problems, I can’t change what happened, so why can’t I just get over it.” Clients who have experienced complex trauma often make statements of this nature during the course of therapy. Clients who have experienced complex trauma have often, although not always experienced traumatic events at a young(er) age, the experience is often chronic (experienced multiple times), and is severe and intense with little or no support available.

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Physical and mental health connection

Most people understand the importance of physical health. Almost daily we hear messages in the media informing us of the value of exercise and healthy diet in improving or maintaining our physical health. We accept this to be true, and to varying degrees and at different times in our lives we make significant efforts to improve or maintain our physical health. Many people recognise that our mental health is also important to our wellbeing. However the reasons for this importance are sometimes less obvious.

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Men and therapy

For many men, seeing a psychologist or a counsellor is often considered to be “what women do”. There is a view that women talk with others about how they feel to get support. While men deal with “it” differently, and often very effectively, by getting on and fixing “it”. After all, isn’t going to a psychologist all about telling them your feelings rather than problem solving? So if men and women do take a different approach to dealing with and solving problems, why go to a psychologist?

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Children of parents with mental health illness

Throughout the community, mental illness and mental health problems are common. Depression, anxiety, post-natal depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, panic disorders, agoraphobia are just some of the commonly diagnosed mental illnesses. Mental illness typically responds well to treatment, much like a physical illness, but unlike physical illness, it often carries stigma. Mental illness is often not spoken about outside the family, and consequently many parents and children feel alone in their experience of it.

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